I had this going around my brain for months before I created something visual with it and then have taken over a year to post it.  Classic P. Bethel – if it’s not 100% finished, don’t show anybody!  I think it feels not quite right, perhaps the A-Team font is not optimal.  But I’m trying to break my pattern of cloistering imperfect/unfinished work, so here’s the rough draft.  It’s also an orphan piece – for now; I am hoping to come up with some siblings for it (er-parents for it?).  How do I categorize it…political food photography?  How about a groaner like “kernels of truth”?  That’s bad.  Not as bad as “food for thought” though, the first and lamest thing that came to me.  Okay, stop Pam.  Let the image speak for you, post this, and get on with the next thing.   Sorry you had to see that, everybody.

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