In Season…Beeting a Dead Horse

No, this is not about trying a French recipe, as the title may have led you to believe.  I am fighting the strong genetic* impulse I have to unleash a tornado of beet/beat puns on this post, and I’ve already lost the battle with the title.  And quel dommage, because if I ever do photograph horse meat with beetroot, I’ve already used up my best title for it.   Here I have these beautiful vegetables, I’m reveling in the pleasure of cooking and photographing foods when they are in season and all I can think to write are a bunch of groaners.  So I’m going to stop right there and just get on with the other photos – A simple beet and carrot slaw and another shot of those fabulous trimmed off bits that never made it into the dish, but really help to beautify the compost.

*I’m sure it’s in my DNA, thanks to my dad Vern.  Seriously, five minutes with him and some beets, it would be obvious to even the most witless of dullards.

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2 thoughts on “In Season…Beeting a Dead Horse

  1. Awesome pictures!

  2. I love the colour combo of those beets and blue bowl. Love.

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