Increase Your Carbon(ara) Footprint

When the stars align and your fridge happens to contain eggs, Parmesan, bacon and whipping cream, there is only one thing to do – Pasta alla Carbonara.  If you ignore this generous twist of fate, an angel dies from lack of comfort food.

In this instance, the cream had already been whipped and the bacon was of the back variety.  In fact, the whipped cream contained vanilla and a wee bit of sugar, as it had been used for the previous night’s dessert.  No matter, it all worked out beautifully.

Of course, an indulgent dish such as this requires a side of sensible vegetables.  So I took some vibrant green beans and sauteed them in the bacon fat and sprinkled them with the remaining Parmesan.  Delicious.  Then again, a piece of cardboard sauteed in bacon fat with Parmesan would be delicious.  But the green of the beans was so much more photogenic.  And I was fresh out of cardboard.

I cut off the ends of the beans – they were not consumed, but aren’t they lovely?

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One thought on “Increase Your Carbon(ara) Footprint

  1. Carbonara… like music to my ears, or rather my buttocks who longs to be a booty. Thanks for this post Pam, and beautiful photos, bravo PJB!!!

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