‘Jar’garitas (see what I did there?)

I wanted to make sure my vitamin C intake was up to snuff, as no cold is lamer than a summer cold – so gauche, so out of season.  And scurvy is not attractive (just do an image search – it’s a dentistry nightmare).  Limes worked for those ‘Brits’ (slang for Limeys) and I had a whole bowl of them.  So I mixed up these margaritas in a jar and served them in jars so I could cleverly dub them “Jargaritas”.  Also I love the textured glass.  Salud!  And where is the upside down exclamation mark on this racist Anglo keyboard?!

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2 thoughts on “‘Jar’garitas (see what I did there?)

  1. Hold down the ALT key and type 173 to get the ¡ character. You can find other ascii codes here http://www.italysoft.com/utility/converters/ascii-table.php
    Works on Windows, no idea if your mac will do it. Perhaps a Mac expert can help?

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